Black Bear Campground

Full-Service Campground Near New York City


(on limited basis during the winter)

Black Bear Campground is only 60 miles from Times Square.
From mid-May to mid-October, we have tours twice weekly direct from the Campground by an independent tour company.

Site Map and Rules

Black Bear Campground Rules

  • EMERGENCY: CALL 911. Please inform the operator that you are in Black Bear Campground, the name of the person needing assistance, and your site number. Then notify the Campground Manager at (845) 651-7717.

    RV Sites: Check-in after 1:00 p.m.; check-out before 12:00 noon. Early arrivals may be accommodated if the site is available. There is an additional fee. Late check-out must be authorized by management and may be permitted if the site is available. There is an additional fee.

    Observed between 11:00 p.m. - 8:00 a.m. Fires must be out by midnight.

    NO motorized bikes, Segways, hover boards, snowmobiles, ATVs, or similar vehicles—including golf carts and motorized scooters (unless medically necessary)—are to be used in the Campground.
    No drones or radio-controlled aircraft may be operated within or above the Campground.
    No bounce houses or similar units to be set up or used in the park.
    Bicycles may only be ridden in designated areas and NOT on hills. Remote control toys (cars, helicopters, etc.) are not permitted. There is a nearby town park where these items can be used.

    Motorcycles and Trikes are allowed in our lower area only. Please tell our staff if you are bringing your motorcycle so we may accommodate you.

    Only 2 vehicles allowed per site. Fifth-wheel trailer or travel trailer and passenger vehicle pulling trailer are counted as 1 vehicle. Towed car attached to car trailer are counted as 1 vehicle. For more than 2 vehicles, extra charges will apply. Do not block the road or park on another site. Do not park any vehicles, cargo or utility trailers, car dollies, car trailers, or boats in any other sites unless pre-authorized by management. Vehicles parked in non-authorized locations are subject to towing and/or fines. Please keep all vehicles off of the grass.

    10 mph or as posted. Please obey all traffic and directional signs. Some of our roads are one-way.

    No firecrackers, fireworks, sparklers, firearms, BB guns, any other type of explosive, bows and arrows, paint ball guns, etc. are allowed on Campground property. Hunting is prohibited.

    Proof of proper vaccinations are required at check-in and a copy will be filed by the Campground office. All dogs and cats must be kept on a short leash. Do not leave dogs or cats unattended. Please clean up after your pet; waste should be disposed of in the dumpsters or in the pet waste receptacles located and marked throughout the Campground. We cannot allow pit bulls or rottweilers. Only 3 pets per RV site are permitted.
    Do not feed the wildlife. Bird feeders are allowed; however, bird feeding should only occur during the winter months when bears are in their dens. New York State Department of Environmental Conservation highly recommends that bird feeding activities cease by April 1 and resume November 30 in bear country.

    Catch-and-release fishing only. Fishing is allowed during the spring, summer, and fall. No ice fishing. No one is allowed on the ice. No swimming at any time

    Please clean up your space before leaving. Household garbage only. All garbage, trash, litter, and pet waste is to be tied in plastic bags and placed in the dumpsters. Paint cans, tires, and hazardous materials are not allowed. Recycling is mandatory in the state of New York.

    By law, dumping of gray or black water on the ground is NOT allowed; all sewer hookups require appropriate sewer fittings, either a sewer donut or sewer elbow. Leaking hoses must be disconnected and replaced immediately. Turn engines off while dumping. No dumping of gasoline, oil, or any toxic or hazardous materials on the ground or in the septic system. Due to environmental considerations, we forbid the use of formaldehyde-based holding tank additives into Black Bear Campground’s septic system. Water spigots at each site should have an anti-backwash valve installed; please report any water leaks to Campground management as soon as possible.

    Campers are responsible for their visitors registering at the office; there is a visitor’s fee. Campers and visitors are required to comply with Campground general rules and regulations as well as those posted at the swimming pool, office, pavilion, and throughout the Campground.

    No lifeguard is on duty; no one should swim alone. Parents must supervise their children. All persons under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult (18 or older). When the pool gate is locked, the pool is closed irrespective of posted pool hours.

    Please report any facility that is not working properly to management.
    • Black Bear Campground WiFi is FREE to our campers. Our WiFi is an unsecured network. For your Internet safety, please use a firewall protection system. Bandwidth is limited, so for consideration of your neighbors, please, no streaming.
    • Storage sheds of any size are not allowed on a site, nor are decks, fences, or permanent enclosures.
    • Clotheslines are not permitted.
    • We do not allow the washing of vehicles or RVs on site.
    • We offer only daily or weekly (including extended stay) RV site rentals.
    • No tents are allowed anywhere in the Campground without prior approval by management.
    • By law, no smoking (including e-cigarettes) in or around the Campground office, store, pavilion, laundry, or restrooms or within 20' of a main entrance, exit, or operable window of a public place.
    • Do not use Black Bear Campground as your permanent address. Mail can be sent from the Campground store/office.
    • Occupancy at our sites shall be for a period of not longer than 210 days in any 12-month period.

    Management reserves the right to evict without prior notice anyone who creates a disturbance or breaks any of the rules. No refund of fees will be made in the event of such eviction.

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P.O. Box 82 • 197 Wheeler Road
Florida, New York 10921
(845) 651-7717

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